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Monday, November 1, 2021

Facebook Live Event Nov 1, 2021 at 7pm central standard time

We have a Blog Talk Radio show today at 6 pm central to discuss affiliate marketing.  We feel that cookies are important for affiliates to get their credit and payments.  We have extended our cookie to 180 days so that if a customer comes back through the website and purchases, that affiliate will get the commissions for that sale. If an affiliate buys through their referral link then they received their commission from the sale.  The call-in number for the show is Listener dial-in number  (516) 666-9912 and you can visit the show page for other shows at https://www.blogtalkradio.com/richandrichhomeopportunities.  

We have 4 stores and a 5th one pending that will be in line with my love of mental health nursing.  The stores are below and have their own affiliate programs.

1. https://richandrichhomeopportunities.com/affiliate-home-2/affiliate-register/

2. partners.richandrichhomeopportunities.shop/create-account 

3. mrsrichandrichhomeopportunities.shop/create-account

4. rich-and-rich-homeopportunities.shop/create-account

We will also have a Facebook live event at 7 pm central standard time on Monday, Nov 1, 2021, or view when able  https://www.facebook.com/events/279618697404030, We will continue to discuss affiliate marketing and also we want to set up weekly meetings on Facebook, Zoom, or Google meet and will be working on that schedule this week. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Rich and Rich Home Opportunities Blog Talk Radio Show 10/19/21 Affiliate Marketing Program

We have a new affiliate program for our stores.  You must join the program and you are able to earn commissions on your own purchases.  Our commission pay out is 10% of any sales made and the affiliate links must be placed on your own website.  Remember you can market on social media to increase your visibility.  If you don't have a website you can create a page on richandrichco-opadvertising.com or market on https://www.facebook.com/co.opadvertising which allows you to invite people to your page and that site is marketed with Google ads by Rich and Rich Homeopportunities.  You are also allowed to have this as a business and if interested please send an email to desiree@richandrichhomeopportunities.com or call our business at 414-465-2513.  For those who like writing.....  You can also send us a blurb (paragraph) about  your own business with your Rich and Rich Homeopportunities link you are promoting and we will add it to our Google Business pages.  https://partners.richandrichhomeopportunities.goaffpro.com/create-account. We had a Blog Talk Radio show that discussed all affiliates having their own website and the ability to earn commissions from those stores.  They can also recruit other affiliates,marketers,or influencers to help to build everyone's business as a co-op advertising partnership.  The affiliates links will be promoted in conjunction with the affiliates promoting their links on websites, blogs, and social media.  Affiliate earn 10% commission from their store and customers will continue with that affiliate for any future sales.We also completed a Facebook Live event at 7:30 to continue to educate every one about the program and benefits.  W9's do need to be completed.

Google Business Sites

richrichhomeopportunities.net richandrichentrepreneurs.com

These are our current affiliates.  I need everyone to go to their affiliate portals to fill out your W-9 for payments.  You each have a store that you get your 10% sales commissions and don't forget to refer others.  I have listed everyone's store below so we will have more opportunities to earn.  We will have a Blog Talk Radio show on 10/19/2021 at 6pm central standard time. and we will also have a Facebook Event event on 10/19/2021 at 7:30 pm central standard time to discuss how the program will work

1. desireesims.richandrichhomeopportunities.shop 2. khondakar.richandrichhomeopportunities.shop 3. elisa.richandrichhomeopportunities.shop 4. jimmy.richandrichhomeopportunities.shop 5. belinda.richandrichhomeopportunities.shop 6. stacy.richandrichhomeopportunities.shop

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Blog Talk Radio June 10, 2021 Blogging and Article Marketing



Our Blog Talk Episode will discuss blogging and article marketing. We will discuss how to get creative content and also the importance of consistency with your blogging and article marketing. For further information on anything that is discussed please visit our blog at https://richandrichhomeopportunities.com or https://richanrdrichhomeopportunitiesbiz.blogspot.com. We will have a summary of the episode posted on the blog and Youtube Remember you can listen at your leisure or live. We will start having interviews that will be broadcasted here and we welcome anyone who would like an interview to showcase their business or products.

We are on Google also and we market and advertise both online and offline. Please call us at 414-465-2513 or you can visit the website and feel our contact information. Please remember if you are struggling with debt to call 877-370-3974 for your free debt consultation from Monday-Friday 8 am - 9 pm eastern standard and Saturdays from 1000 am - 2 pm. Listen to the show and continue to market and advertise your business for success.

Blogger, WordPress, and Weebly can be used as a blogging platform to get started with blogging. Create unique content that matches your blog such as if you are blogging about cars. Rich and Rich Home Opportunities is a Marketing and Advertising platform for Affiliate Marketing. The blogs and articles are focused closely on that content. Blogs can be monetized with Google Adsense on Blogger, WordPress, and Weebly. Try to create a blog that is based on your interest so that you are able to blog consistently, research more on the topic, and keep your readers engaged.

Article marketing can be done with Ezinearticles and they have a platform that rewards you for good writing and they have templates to help with writers block. I am currently an expert Desiree Richardson, EzineArticles Basic AuthorI am very proud of the EzineArticles platform and it is a great place to learn to write better and also get traffic to the link that you are promoting. It is important to get website traffic to your website or blog with good content. You can purchase 52 articles from EzineArticles for $19.97 if you have writer's block or need ideas on what to write. The topics include

How-To Article Template Pros and Cons Article Template Pain Avoidance Article Template Top 7 Tips Article Template I Love Article Template Things to Do Article Template Things to Avoid Article Template Traps and How to Escape Article Template Golden Rules of X Article Template Product Review Article Template Article marketing also article submission can gain traffic to your website or blog and it is an effective off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique with appropriate keywords.

If you have news that is news you can also think about promoting your website of blog with 24-7 Press Release for example this was my news release when I redesigned my website and offered more services. I had to rewrite the news report because you don't want anything just for advertising because it needs to be news. You may get a new merchant with a product that may be news worthy but just make sure it's not just focused on selling that particular product. This was my recent news release

There are other article submission sites that can be search for in Google and pick and try out some sites once you have your article ready for submission.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Blog Talk Radio Show Summary 5.20.2021

Blogging is a good way to get a personal interest in front of others to enjoy or to provoke a feeling or emotion. Blogging can allow for creative expression and depending on your work ethics, can also be beautifully designed. Google Blogger and WordPress are platforms that beginners and those who are advanced can promote ideas, merchants, products, and more. Blogging should be completed with fresh original content and should be done regularly to keep your audience interested and have the desire to return to your blog or website.

Try to write your content by composing in email or make a Microsoft word document that is dated with your post title so that you have a record in case a website or blog is no longer available. You want to always have your content to be able to recreate or update. You can also post via email with Blogger of WordPress with the email you have established for posting within your blog site and set emails to draft copies so that you can check for typos before publishing to everyone. Try using an editing program such as Grammarly.

Individuals that would like to monetize their blog can use Adsense. You can also find a sponsor for your website and get paid for your great content with shareasale.com. There is also Commission Junction and if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, try the book below that I mentioned in the Blog Talk Radio show.

HTML is also a way to improve your blog or website. If you don't have a lot of knowledge about HTML then I recommend w3schools.com/html. I like to use HTML so that I have paragraphs and not a whole page of sentences running together which can be confusing.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Email Sign Up For Rich and Rich Home Opportunities



Rich and Rich Home Opportunities is a blogging and affiliate marketing website.  We advertise through our Blog Talk Radio Show, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Ning, and our website for our online marketing program.  We also advertise and market offline with pamphlets and business cards to increase exposure to our website.  We maintain a tax EIN for our offline marketing and will always ensure that merchants are getting maximum exposure.  Desiree Sims is the CEO and she is currently a baccalaureate-prepared nurse with 20 years of education and leadership qualities.  Rich and Rich Home Opportunities does not participate in any keyword or pay-per-click bidding because we want to attract quality merchants and maintain our reputation and work ethic. In this segment, we will discuss blogging with bloggers.  Here is my blog Rich and Rich Home Opportunities.  I also welcome hosting a show for serious entrepreneurs and can be reached at desiree@richandrichhomeopportunities.com and will need your blog or website to review and a short summary of what you would discuss if on the show for this segment or future segments that I will assist with scheduling.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Blog Talk Radio Show Summary for Nov 26, 2018

1.  Get a domain for your website or blog.  You can get a domain from Bluehost, GoDaddy, Blogger, or Wordpress (Blogger and Wordpress are free).  This will help you to start branding yourself by posting original content and also advertise and market your business. 

2.  A blog is helpful for any product or services that you are promoting.  This is true for anyone that promotes Avon, Fifth Avenue Collection, Scentsy, and many more.  I would promote a certain product or service on my blog and always add a link. 

3.  Blogger and Wordpress are easy because they have free templates that make your blog professional.  Don't forget to add a contact page so that you can get subscribers to your blog or website.

4.  Everyone should have business cards for their website or blog because they are effective networking tools and also help to get individuals to visit your blog or website.

These are your basic ideas on ways that you can get started to promote or brand yourself.  The 365 days challenge will encourage everyone that participates.  This can be your motivation tool to develop some great roots and develop your commitment to promoting your business each day.

5.  For everyone that is listening to this broadcast, welcome to day #1 of the challenge because listening to others is a way of networking.  I personally will be completing this Blog Talk Radio show.  Any of my listeners are aware that I will also complete a review of this show on my Youtube channel.  I will also complete a post on my Rich and Rich Home Opportunities on Blogger and Rich and Rich Home Opportunities on Wordpress.  I will also complete a post on my Facebook page and always make sure that the content that you are posting matches the purpose of your blog.

6.  I will take my blog post and I will make some edits so that I can submit an article to EzineArticles where I am an expert writer.  I would also submit the article to 24-7 pressrelease so that I can increase my exposure to other bloggers.

7.  By doing all of these activities, I am already on day 6, however, the content is the same.  However, I am submitting to different platforms so it may seem like a lot of work but really it is more organization and time management.

8.  For day # 7 I would hand out business cards to help you plan your 365 days challenge.  You should always have your business cards available to handout.  I would encourage you to look at the blog post 127 Great Places To Leave Your Business Cards.  The same concepts can be used for flyers, brochures, postcards, and posters.  All of the ideas are effective for advertising and marketing your brand.

You could continue to do something different on day #8, however, I plan to repeat days 1-7 as my overall blueprint to guide me through the 365 days challenge.  So I will follow-up weekly on Monday's at 7 pm on Blog Talk Radio with everyone that would like to participate.  I will also be moving on with new content on that show also.

9.  You may want to consider getting a calendar that is for your business so that you can organize yourself and also keep you focused.  At the end of two weeks, I would encourage everyone to look back over the two weeks and inventory what has been working and also tweak your schedule.  This does count as a day in your challenge because you should always take self-inventory of yourself and business.

Remember that the overall goal of the challenge is to do something every day and it can be as simple as telling someone about your business, blog, website, or hand out business cards.

10.  I have also uploaded an eBook to Rich and Rich Home Opportunities that can be downloaded for free just by joining our email list.  So in  365 days we will grow and learn together and you will not have to spend a fortune to prosper and be successful.

This is my sample schedule
1.  Monday, Nov 26, 2018 (today) Blog Talk Radio
2.  Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018, YouTube recap of Blog Talk Radio
3.  Wednesday, Nov 28, 2018, Post on Blogger
4.  Thursday, Nov 29, 2018, Post on Wordpress
5.  Friday, Nov 30, 2018, Post on Facebook
6.  Saturday, Dec 1, 2018, Submit Article to Ezine Articles and 24-7 Pressrelease
7.  Sunday, Dec 2, 2018, Handout Business Cards
8.  Monday, Nov 26, 2018 (today) Blog Talk Radio
9.  Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018, YouTube recap of Blog Talk Radio
10.  Wednesday, Nov 28, 2018, Post on Blogger
11.  Thursday, Nov 29, 2018, Post on Wordpress
12.  Friday, Nov 30, 2018, Post on Facebook
13.  Saturday, Dec 1, 2018, Submit Article to Ezine Articles and 24-7 Pressrelease
14.  Sunday, Dec 2, 2018, Handout Business Cards

At this point, I would want to take a look at the past two weeks and make adjustments as needed.  I would also prepare my calendar for the next two weeks.  Take this as your opportunity to add more or take away from your schedule.  This should be motivated and not overwhelming!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Lesson 1- Setting up a Blog using Blogger by Google

I am completing a five day course on setting up a simple blog.  I will begin on May 4, 2015 – May 8, 2015 and the broadcast will be on Blog Talk Radio http://blogtalkradio.com/richandrichhomeopportunities which you can access by dialing 347-989-0356 at 5:00 pm Central standard time/4:00 pm Eastern Time.  I will also post each episode to my two blogs daily after the show on http://richandrichentrepreneurs.biz and http://richanrdrichhomeopportunitiesbiz.blogspot.com.  Question daily can be posted on either blog via comments and I will answer as quickly as possible.  If you feel that one-on- one training is better for you then you can order Blogging Lessons from http://richandrichentrepreneurs.biz via PayPal.  I will need a solid 2 hours but will work with your schedule.  I am on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/richandrichbiz.

Lesson 1- Setting up a Blog using Blogger by Google
1.        You will need to create a Gmail account from Google.  I try to use professional names such as my own or business name so that people know that you are a real person and that you are serious about your blog.  For Example:  Rich and Rich Home Opportunities could by richandrichhomeopportunities@gmail.com

2.       When you create your password for your Gmail account please remember the password.  You can’t get into your Gmail or blogger without the password.  Once you have created your Gmail account, you can log in.  On the right hand side you will see nine squares at the top.  Click on the squares and then click on more to get to blogger. Here are some screen shots.

3.        Click on Blogger and it will have a link on the left hand side to create a new blog.  Now think about the topic of your blog.  For example, when I was selling jewelry I have a blog called “Fifth Avenue Collection Jeweller.”  You want to write about content that matches the topic of your blog.  My current blog is Rich and Rich Home Opportunities, so on Blogger I am http://richanrdrichhomeopportunitiesbiz.blogspot.com.

4.       Once you have picked your blog name, you can choose a web address for your blog.  My current blog is Rich and Rich Home Opportunities, so on Blogger I am http://richanrdrichhomeopportunitiesbiz.blogspot.com.  Pick the template that you like and then hit the create a blog button.  Now you have a blog with your title, web address, and template. 

I will be back tomorrow with Lesson – 2 The Layout of Your Blog.  I will add this information to my two blogs on  http://richandrichentrepreneurs.biz and http://richanrdrichhomeopportunitiesbiz.blogspot.com.    As always you can leave your questions as a comment on either blog and I will answer them quickly.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rich and Rich Home Opportunities

I spent yesterday blogging, fixing squidoo lenses, and promoting my Facebook pages. I got a message from an old business network contact while I was promoting on Facebook. The contact shows that you have to get your business and name out to the public for contacts. My business contact was Shontina Gladney. I am honored to say that she has invited me to participate in her business expo. I am excited about the expo because Shontina is a ball of motivational fire. I hope to continue to network and build my business contacts.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Squidoo Day!

Okay today I will focus on my Squidoo lenses. I was going through alot of my lenses yesterday. I have a total of 58 lenses but I only have 11 featured. I have to do some work on the other lenses, so they can be featured. I am going to be adding this blog feed to all of my lenses for maximum blog exposure. I also have to focus on visiting other Squidoo lenses and being an active community participant. I am also looking forward to looking at squidoo tips to improve my lenses with color, borders, and great backgrounds. I also will be promoting offline by printing blog pages on my printer. ');var ifrm = document.getElementById(shrs_strRNum);ifrm.width = 600;ifrm.height = 385;var shrs_galleryLoaded = false;ifrm = (ifrm.contentWindow) ? ifrm.contentWindow : (ifrm.contentDocument.document) ? ifrm.contentDocument.document : ifrm.contentDocument;var shrsl_gallery_str = '

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I will be marketing and advertising this blog daily so you will get interest in your business. I will need you to send me an image to use that is a button 125x125. Once paid you can email the image to mrs.desireesims@gmail.com. Your business image will appear here.


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