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Blog Talk Radio June 10, 2021 Blogging and Article Marketing



Our Blog Talk Episode will discuss blogging and article marketing. We will discuss how to get creative content and also the importance of consistency with your blogging and article marketing. For further information on anything that is discussed please visit our blog at or We will have a summary of the episode posted on the blog and Youtube Remember you can listen at your leisure or live. We will start having interviews that will be broadcasted here and we welcome anyone who would like an interview to showcase their business or products.

We are on Google also and we market and advertise both online and offline. Please call us at 414-465-2513 or you can visit the website and feel our contact information. Please remember if you are struggling with debt to call 877-370-3974 for your free debt consultation from Monday-Friday 8 am - 9 pm eastern standard and Saturdays from 1000 am - 2 pm. Listen to the show and continue to market and advertise your business for success.

Blogger, WordPress, and Weebly can be used as a blogging platform to get started with blogging. Create unique content that matches your blog such as if you are blogging about cars. Rich and Rich Home Opportunities is a Marketing and Advertising platform for Affiliate Marketing. The blogs and articles are focused closely on that content. Blogs can be monetized with Google Adsense on Blogger, WordPress, and Weebly. Try to create a blog that is based on your interest so that you are able to blog consistently, research more on the topic, and keep your readers engaged.

Article marketing can be done with Ezinearticles and they have a platform that rewards you for good writing and they have templates to help with writers block. I am currently an expert Desiree Richardson, EzineArticles Basic AuthorI am very proud of the EzineArticles platform and it is a great place to learn to write better and also get traffic to the link that you are promoting. It is important to get website traffic to your website or blog with good content. You can purchase 52 articles from EzineArticles for $19.97 if you have writer's block or need ideas on what to write. The topics include

How-To Article Template Pros and Cons Article Template Pain Avoidance Article Template Top 7 Tips Article Template I Love Article Template Things to Do Article Template Things to Avoid Article Template Traps and How to Escape Article Template Golden Rules of X Article Template Product Review Article Template Article marketing also article submission can gain traffic to your website or blog and it is an effective off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique with appropriate keywords.

If you have news that is news you can also think about promoting your website of blog with 24-7 Press Release for example this was my news release when I redesigned my website and offered more services. I had to rewrite the news report because you don't want anything just for advertising because it needs to be news. You may get a new merchant with a product that may be news worthy but just make sure it's not just focused on selling that particular product. This was my recent news release

There are other article submission sites that can be search for in Google and pick and try out some sites once you have your article ready for submission.

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