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Blogging In Two Steps


There are multiple benefits to having a blog including the low cost (or no cost), the resources that will help you get traffic to your blog, and the fact that you can provide your blog as an RSS feed. An RSS feed will allow readers to automatically receive your updates into their RSS reader. 1. Set up your blog. You will need to decide what you are going to blog about. You should decide on a theme and name your blog appropriately. There are a number of free ways to set up a blog & to have it hosted for free. We will go with for our first blog. Blogger will allow you to set up a blog for free they will host it for free and they will ping search engines every time you update, meaning you will get spidered & found. Visit & click the button on the front page labeled 'create your blog now' then follow the step-by-step instructions that Blogger provides. 2. Write some content. Before we move any further there has to be some information on the site & that means that you have to make some entries. You can write some of these entries yourself & some can be quotes from sites of interest to your reader that you can post using the Google Toolbar. If you are having difficulty with content then you can purchase template examples from that can help you with writer's block.  Blogger. com is how I set up my first blog at  Find something that interests you that you can write about consistently. 

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