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Blog Talk Radio Show Summary 6.4.21



Today on < href="">BlogTalkRadio, we're going to be talking about website design. We're going to be talking also about Co-op advertising and we're going to be talking about a couple of other things to include downloadable content and this segment we are going to actually feature representatives for Avon. And the reason that we want to go ahead and feature Avon is that they are actually celebrating their 135th birthday. They've been around for a hundred and thirty-five years! So for those of us who have grown up with our parents or grandparents who bought Avon and who are still buying Avon, it is still a viable business.

For those who would like to have a home business and any business, it's going to be what you make of it to be successful. The more effort that you put into your business, then the better it is for your growth financially. We want to emphasize to individuals is to always be focusing on marketing and advertising. One of the things that we can do with marketing and advertising is to have a website. When you sign up for Avon you get an Avon website that you can promote and it has everything that you need on the company website. However, I am a huge advocate for having your own website that features your own blog.

The reason that I like having a website that we are better able to promote the product that we have purchased and continue to purchase. We become a much better sales representative. If you are actually utilizing the product and you talk about those products on your blog or website it can help you to build rapport and trust with your customers. Therefore, Avon celebrating 135 years is something that I blogged about and addressed on my website. The company is running great sales to help to celebrate their 135th. I was able to buy my significant other a cologne set for $74 and get a 2nd cologne set for free to gift to another family member. To start your own Avon business you can visit < href="">

The website creation tool we will talk about is Weebly. You can easily design a website on Weebly's platform that includes a blog. They have an easy-to-follow template that has search engine optimization to help with your own marketing efforts to get your site noticed by the search engines. Weebly also allows you to monetize your website with eCommerce and Google AdSense if you would like to add to increase sales and advertising based on the content of your website. In order to utilize Google Adsense, you will need to have a Gmail account. The great part about creating your website with Weebly is that you can use the domain from Weebly or create a new domain name through Weebly. Once you have done that you now have a website and blog to help promote a business such as Avon or another business of your choice.

So for marketing and for advertising, the Rich and Rich Co-op Advertising Network is up and running to assist. I market both Rich and Rich Home Opportunities and Rich and Rich Co-op Advertising with both FaceBook and Google Ads. There are several marketing tools to get a business up and running and the rest of the effort can be as a team through Google Workspace. On Saturday for members and we love new members. There will be 5 articles given to members that will help individuals to start blogging. There will be appointment slots available for phone sessions at 414-465-2513. All information will be posted on Rich and Rich Home Opportunities.

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