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I remember the first time that I saw one of my co-workers wearing a necklace by Stella & Dot. I was so impressed by her necklace that I fell hand over heels in love with jewelry and accessories back in 2011.  It is now 2021 and even through a Pandemic, I have been able to purchase some very beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry.  My co-worker at that time was a Stella & Dot jewelry saleswoman.  She inspired me to advertise and market jewelry that is appealing and would add more beauty and quality to my wardrobe.  I also respect Stella & Dot for allowing individual sales by people that also wore their jewelry and made personal purchases for themselves and their loved ones.  Stella & Dot allowed them to own a reputable and viable business.  I am grateful to be able to still admire Stella & Dot years later.  Jewelry continues to be popular and can add a wonderful addition as an income or simply to enjoy the simplicity and technique involved to create a unique addition to any wardrobe.   Sign-up to be a Stella & Dot Stylist Today!  

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